The WebHub is a unsurprisingly huge fan of the technology/computer world.

A whole world which is rapidly changing and where the WebHub seeks to PUSH THE BOUNDARIES of creativity, for people to interact, watch, learn and enjoy.

What makes us different?

There are so many companies in this industry, so what makes us unique? We think what makes us unique is we are just starting out, and what do you associate the word NEW with; FRESH, EXCITING which is what the WebHub is you could say it's like a new car smell, which is a very big plus. 


You have to know what is in the box in order to have a vision of what works out of the box - we think the WebHub has an advantage; with lots of fresh thinking because we still have a BUZZ and an EDGE created by all the excitement of starting out on a journey. 


The majority of well-established companies - have been doing it for so long there's no excitement left and they have turned web design into repetition delivering the same solution to each client.